Gray sweater


Gray- mania is still on going for me, and so I ordered one more gray sweater.
This model I also have in several different colours; burgundy, brown, purple and blue.

As you can see, that how I know this sweater is great for a winter time and good quality.
Sizing is universal, but it's suitable for everyone from S to L.

You can see more information here: Boat Neck Loose-Fitting Ribbed Sweater - Gray

Do you consider gray sweater a statement piece during the winter?

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  1. Sivi džemper je imperativ za garderober, ovaj je divan! :D

  2. Kako ja volim tvoje kombinacije, to je zaista za nepovjerovati. Siva je meni omiljena boja i svakako je mnogo volim nositi. Ponekada je tmurna, ali zna da bude idealna za neke druge stvari. Odlično draga stvarno ❤️❤️❤️

    I follow you: Visit and follow ----> Marija's blog

  3. Obožavam kombinacije sa sivom bojom! Odličan outfit! :)


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