Winter fashion


I'am one of those people that does'nt like winter, in any way, and I  would be the happiest if I could sleep through.
I don't like being cold or the snow, so combining an outfit during this time is a task on it's own.
Some days I don't even want to get ready and all I care for during this time is to be warm.
The only thing I love about winter is faux fur coat.

Beanies are one item that is in every winter outfit and this one you're about to see in this post from ROSEGAL site.
I have a major issue when it comes to find a beanie that fits , most of them are too big on me, but this model I also have in pink so I knew it's not a miss.

You can see more informations here about this beanie: Outdoor Fuzzy Ball Embellished Crochet Knitted Beanie

The bag you see is also from ROSEGAL site, although it's a mini bag, it's really pretty and great for combining.

You can see more information about this bag here: Fashion Classic Shoulder Messenger Bag - Off-white

Do you love winter outfits, and do you like this combination?

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